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Composite decking has become a staple in the decking industry, boasting longevity that surpasses traditional wood. Yet, a pressing concern among environmentalists looms large: organic fillers. These synthetic additives pose risks of debris absorption and internal rot, leaving a larger environmental footprint than claimed. But how can you safeguard against this hidden environmental enemy? Enter the #LumberockAdvantage, where durability intersects with genuine sustainability.

Exposing the Truth about Fillers

While composite decking is known for its long lifespan, hidden internal modules can prevent it from being the most successful long-term option. Tiny organic particles such as wood fibers, cotton, hemp, and even bananas can pose a risk of breaking down what is known as “composite” decking. Certain organic fillers may absorb moisture, contributing to problems like mold, mildew, or rotting if not properly sealed or treated. Wood fillers, specifically, absorb water, fostering decay and eventual rot, which breaks down the integrity of the board. These fillers can also attract harmful marine borers and insects, posing a risk to the surrounding environment. Organic filler can also prevent composite decking from being recyclable, leading to future waste and mounting plastic garbage.

Lumberock: The Sustainable Composite Decking

Lumberock is pioneering the marine-grade decking category by remaining organic filler free.

Manufactured from a closed-molecular formula, it resists water, bacteria, and insects, extending the lifespan of our product. Contractors commend its rugged nature, enabling easy workability for seamless installations, even in the most challenging environments, while producing a luxurious and high-quality finished project.

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Experience waterproofing like never before

Lumberock Marine Grade decking defies conventional limits and even when installed under water. This gives contractors the confidence they need to offer these products when needing to install under water, in sand, and near open waterways. This truly ‘waterproof’ product is backed by a lifetime warranty. 

The Last Deck You’ll Ever Build

While the initial cost of composite decking may seem daunting compared to traditional materials, seasoned marine contractors consistently advocate for its use. An investment in Lumberock guarantees premium aesthetics and color resilience beyond the lifespan of traditional wood. Environmentally conscious consumers appreciate the minimal upkeep of composite decking, which eliminates the need for harsh cleaning chemicals and wood preservatives that can seep into the surrounding water. Maintenance with Lumberock is a breeze – a simple broom is all you need. 

Crafting a Sustainable Legacy

Lumberock Marine Grade Decking isn’t just about building a deck or dock- it’s about crafting a sustainable legacy that lasts a lifetime. With unparalleled durability and genuine sustainability at its core, Lumberock promises more than just outdoor living – it offers a lifetime of happiness knowing you’ve made an eco-conscious choice.

Take the first step towards a greener, more resilient future. Contact our team specialists, who are ready to walk you through any project and serve as true teammates on your next build project. Together, let’s build decks and docks that stand as enduring havens while preserving our planet for generations to come.


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