Lumberock - Marine Grade Decking

A Smart Investment

Balance Beauty & Budget

Yes, plastic lumber is more expensive than wood upfront, but a smart investor knows that the most cost-efficient and valuable products are the ones that save you time and money in the long run. And let’s face it – we know price is at the top of your priorities.

Cost of Lumberock® vs Cost of Wood

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The Right Choice

Spare the cost of labor, cleaning products, paints and stains while adding real estate value to your home

Exceptional Value

Within five years of owning a Lumberock® deck or dock, you will have recouped your investment and saved yourself hours of labor​

The Right Savings

Traditional wood decks require bi-yearly sanding and staining. After 15 years of using Lumberock® composite deck boards, you will have saved over $5,000 in maintenance costs alone.

An Investment you can trust

Limited Lifetime Warranty protects your investment so that you can enjoy your Lumberock deck or dock for years to come without ever having to replace boards or rebuild your project.

A worthy Investment