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Welcome to Lumberock Premium Decking!

Over the last two decades, plastic composite lumber materials have become the standard alternative to traditional decking materials. Nevertheless, there are drawbacks to most brand-name composite boards that have made consumers wary of their effectiveness and long-term cost efficiency.

Lumberock® was developed in an effort to address these concerns and truly live up to consumers' expectations of a synthetic lumber. Our goal was to create a composite deck board that really does last a lifetime with no maintenance beyond an annual cleaning. Through careful consideration of our customers' needs, we understood that we needed to make a deck-board that was strong, durable and easy to install without compromising aesthetics. We also understood that we needed to create a product honorable of its lifetime warranty.

Formed in 2000 and located northwest of Chicago, Illinois, Lumberock® specializes in synthetic, composite lumber fabrication and product development.

We value honesty, integrity and service.

Thank you for your continued support of our product.