Lumberock - Marine Grade Decking

Porch Board Installation

Please note that Lumberock Marine Grade Decking claims no liability or responsibility for the improper installation of our product. All installations are unique and it is the sole responsibility of the installer to determine specific requirements in regard to each application. We recommend that all designs be reviewed by a licensed architect, engineer or local building official before installation.

Porch Board Handling & Storage

Always keep Lumberock® Premium Porch Boards clean prior to installation. Note that the boards are designed to allow for the ends to be trimmed prior to installation should any damage occur during handling or storage. Store boards out of the sun and lay flat. If stored off the ground support boards every 18″.

Fasteners for installation

We recommend the following fasteners for Lumberock Premium Porch Board:
Minimum #7 x 2″ 305 stainless steel trim head screw with sharp self-drilling tip.

When using a pneumatic flooring nailer (gun), we suggest using a 2″ “L” or “T” cleat hardwood flooring nail.

To download a PDF of our Porch Board Installation Instructions click here

Porch Board Installation Details

Maximum joist spacing for 90° installation = 12″ on center. Maximum joist spacing for 45° installation = 8″ on center. Lumberock Premium Porch Board is embossed with a woodgrain pattern on one side. Install grain-side up as a walking surface.

Install first board with the groove facing toward the house if you are running the board parallel to the house. If you are running the board perpendicular to the house, install first board with the groove facing the outside edge of the porch. (Trim groove per perimeter detail notes below.) Face-screw or nail one fastener every 12 inches closest to the wall. Drive one fastener through the tongue at each joist at a 30° to 45° angle. Fastener should sit approximately 1/16″ into the surface of the tongue to allow for the adequate fit of the next board. Repeat for all boards, ensuring that all boards fit tightly and utilizing shims where needed to account for variations in framing. The final board may require a trim per perimeter detail notes below. Face-screw or nail the final board one fastener every 12 inches.

Stair Details

Maximum joist spacing = 8″ on center.

Perimeter Details

If the first or last board has an exposed edge, rip down to desired width.

Porch Board Care and Maintenance

When dirt or debris begin to accumulate on your porch, simply sweep it away, hose it off or lightly wash the boards with soap and water. Any standard household cleaner can be used without harming the plastic (porch board). Occasionally, stubborn dirt can accumulate on the surface but it will not permeate the surface of the board and can be removed with a light pressure washing. We recommend using a maximum of 1800psi with a 20-degree nozzle. Thanks to the non-porous, solid composition of the boards, stains from food and beverages will not adhere to Lumberock Premium Porch Boards and spills are easily washed away.